Launch of Two New Sites

Today I see the launch of two sites of mine that I’ve been working on in my free time over the past month or so. Neither of them are finished and well polished, but, the act of getting them out there will ensure I start taking them more seriously and start getting them used 🙂

So, I am proud to present: No Green Sheep and

No Green Sheep

The idea behind this site is to promote being more green and friendly to our planet – but by understanding the effects of our actions instead of just doing whatever someone tells us.

The inspiration for this was a friend boiling a kettle on a gas hob and telling me it was more eco-friendly than boiling in an electric kettle. I asked “how?” and they couldn’t explain or give any numbers… unsurprisingly, I haven’t changed my kettle boiling habits. If my friend had known a few more details about this then she might well have had a convert out of me!

When I worked at CHP Consulting I kept a monthly reminder in Outlook telling me to review how I’ve done over the past month. This process of self-reflection allowed me to move forward and improve myself in a positive manner. It also gave me complete ownership of it – it’s far better to set your own goals and achieve them than have someone else do it for you.

After leaving CHP I no longer had Outlook. I also decided I needed something a little more guided – something I could just tick a box to say I’d done what I wanted to do. I also wanted to gain feedback from my friends whenever possible (a self-criticising blog post of mine made me realise I wanted this). So, I made The commenting isn’t yet ready – but I’ll keep you posted!

My first review of myself is available at

Twitter Accounts for Both

If you want to keep up-to-date with both of these projects then they have their own Twitter accounts: selfreview and nogreensheep


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